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Publication, Dissemination and Dialogue Centre

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Bruno Palier Ramon Pena-Casas Daniel Clegg



CLEGG Daniel,

P02 - Sciences-Po, Paris P11 - Observatoire
social européen
P29 - University of




The objective of the Publication, Dissemination and Dialogue Centre (PUDIACwowe) is to maximise the efficiency and impact of RECWOWE Network of Ecellence by ensuring effective publicity of network activities and results towards all the interested actors: policymakers, scientific community, social partners and NGOs at European, national, local levels. PUDIAC organises an external and internal communication.

First, PUDIAC has to provide resources for RECWOWE members who seek to disseminate and publicise ongoing research by offering an outlet for publication and review of work in progress, though the establishment and management of the online high quality 'Working Papers' series.

Second, PUDIAC allows to strengthen the internal cohesion of the network and its openness to the broader academic and non-academic community, for instance via the publication of a Newsletter.

Finally, PUDIAC works to create an on-going dialogue between the RECWOWE research community, the policy community in charge with labour market and welfare policies and the practitioners with a stake in employment and social policy. By installing this dialogue, RECWOWE intends to facilitate the relationships between them and improve the sensitivity of each to the other's activities and concerns. PUDIAC wants to inform the policy community about various economic, social and political implications of their reforms, and improve research capacities of NGOs and social partners. 

[PUDIACwowe is the result of the merging of the Publication and Dissemination Centre (PUDISC) and the Dialogue Centre (DIAC)]



- build up and administer an exhaustive mailing list of participants and RECWOWE Community (people interested in the field of work and welfare): RECOM

- compile and diffuse a regular electronic newsletter

- develop and manage a high quality in-house working papers series

- collate and diffuse a file of editorial resources in the network and in the field of work-welfare research

- host editorial forums

- organize meetings with all the interested actors in the field of work and welfare: Meeting for Dialogue, Meeting “Research and Civil Society”…

- organize exchange with practitioners

- produce a handbook: “How to get heard, how to get read?” for researchers on how to target non-academic audience




1-    Newsletter: diffusion of key information coming from within (activities and publication) and without (institutional events at the EU level) the network

RECWOWE Newsletter

2-     Working Papers: The working papers series offer RECWOWE researchers a chance to place useful and high quality work on work and welfare issues in Europe in the public domain and where relevant receive feedback that can help them develop their work for future publication of a more conventional type (academic journals, edited collections…).

RECWOWE Working Papers series

3-   Editorial Resources: The editorial resources aim at helping network researchers in their publication initiatives. They provide one list which gives information about the known editorial responsibilities of the network members, and two other lists which focus on journals and books series in relevant areas for RECWOWE research.

PUDISC-Editorial Resources




1- Public Debates at European level:

Flexible today, secure tomorow? labour markets, pensions reforms in a context of economic crisis, debate presented by Karl Hinrichs (P16-BREM) and Niels Ploug (P18 - SFI) - Brussels, March 23, 2009

“Flexicurity: Redefining the security of European citizens”, debate presented by Pascale Vielle (P13-UCL) – Brussels, February 28, 2008

Meeting for the Establishment of Dialogue between Research and Civil Society Communities, chaired by Bruno Palier (P02-FNSP) and Philippe Pochet (P11-OSE) – Brussels, October 26, 2007
Best practice: Research and Civil Society

Flexicurity: A New Paradigm for Labour Market and Employment Regulation”, debate presented by Prof.dr Ton Wilthagen, Tilburg University (P10-UVT), Member of the European Expert Group on Flexicurity – Brussels, May 3, 2007

The politics of reform in Bismarckian welfare systems: a common trajectory?, debate presented by Bruno Palier, Cevipof (P02-FNSP) – Brussels, February 21, 2007
Best practice: Exchange Meetings


2- Public Debates et National level

Best practice: Employment and Welfare in a national context


3- Public Debates at International level

Agenda Meeting”: materialization of the reciprocal dialogue between research community and policy community during the Warsaw integration week with the aim to be an opportunity to confront the various preoccupations and agendas from researchers and policy community

4- RECWOWE Integration Week

Kick-off Conference, Paris, 18th and 19th December 2006

    minutes Publication and Dissemination Centre
    minutes Dialogue Centre

First Annual Conference: State of Art, Warsaw, 12th to 16th June 2007

    minutes PUDISC/DIAC Warsaw joint session
    minutes policy/research agenda

Second Annual Integration Week, Olso, 10th to 14th June 2008




Sara Casella-Colombeau, email
P02-Sciences-Po, Paris

Alexander Goerne, email
P29-University of Edinburgh


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RECWOWE Magazine June 2011

RECWOWE Newsletter (No. 14)

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