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Transversal Activities (on-going and new joint research)

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Denis Bouget    
BOUGET Denis, email LEWIS Jane, email VIELLE Pascale, email
P01 - Maison des Siences de l'Homme Ange Guépin - Nantes P05 - London School of Economics and Political Science P13 - Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve




TRANSwowe activities are elaborated to facilitate vertical integration between the substantive parts of the NoE, which is, between the research in the strands (Actions 1, 2, 3 and 4) and the result of the action 05 to provide an effective stepping-stone to the actions designed to spread excellence (Actions 8, 9, 10 and 11). TRANSwowe mainly involves a mapping of on-going research activities and the preparation of the new joint research activities.


One part of the TRANSwowe activities consists in communicating with policymakers, DG research, DG employment and social affairs and other actors in the field of work and welfare, in order to strengthen the link between current problems and research. Moreover, the communication allows to influence agenda-setting, launching of new calls for research in the field of work and welfare. TRANSwowe also contributes to the construction of the research topics over the 7th Framework Programme of EU and to the reflection on the organisations which provide founds to new research at the European and national level.


TRANSwowe aims at the integration of new methodologies within the network, as e-infrastructures. Those new possibilities improve the interdisciplinary approach, which is one of the goals of RECWOWE.


Mapping of the on-going research activities and drawing up/preparing/working out the new joint research


In the horizontal activities, each strand draws up an inventory of the recent and current research activities of RECWOWE’s members. A sub-group of researchers from the four/five strands in cross-strand meetings makes a common pattern of information collection in the frame of TRANSwowe. This group realises a permanently updated cross-strand map of ongoing activities and new projects proposals.

From this map, it is possible to identify similarities and complementarities between different research teams, programmes and new projects proposals. Different possibilities can come out of this map:
  • Initiate new workshops to integrate better a transversal dimension such as gender, tensions, enlargement of the EU, opportunities life,
  • Launch new surveys in some domains where surveys of the scientific literature would be very useful, for the scholars, for RECWOWE’s training activities, but also for other actors,
  • Avoid repeating studies that will add only marginal knowledge to a phenomenon, and instead help to build new proposals, as deliverables of the NoE, which could fuel national-level thinking and preparation of programme of research,
  • Facilitate mobility of researchers working on the same topics if they do not already work in the same workshop, a new workshop could be initialized,
  • Select and promote the best projects to add them to the new joint research programme in each strand.


Integration of transversal variables

WP06-07 continues to check that the transversal variables: tensions as the key variable which founded the four WPs (WP01-WP04), gender, values, migrants and ethnic minorities, EU dimension are taken up in the various RECWOWE tasks.




1- Reports


2- Forum

- Forum on Social Tensions





  •  Tensions

The Maison des Sciences de L’Homme Ange Guépin (P01-MSHG) organised in Nantes in February 25-26, 2009, a cross-strand workshop on


2-      Gender

The Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve (P13-UCL) organised in Brussels in August 28-29, 2008, a cross-strand workshop on

‘Engendering RECWOWE: integrating transversal gender questions and managing gender balance within the network’


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