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Annual RECWOWE Integration Weeks

by David Imbert last modified 05-07-2011 16:16


Denis Bouget
Fratczak Ewa
BOUGET Denis, email FRATCZAK Ewa, email

P01 - Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
 Ange Guépin-Nantes

P22 - Warsaw School of Economics

Integrative objectives


The final integration of RECWOWE into a new type of structure means that we need to have a community of researchers and not only a collection of individuals. As a result, the plenary conferences play a key role in integrating researchers into one group that, through RECWOWE, both offers and reveals an identification for each and everyone within a scientific community. The conferences therefore publicly show both the existence and the work of a group of researchers.

Structural objectives

The plenary conferences also play a role in the structural organisation throughout the five-year period. The schedule of the plenary conferences provides the main milestones of RECWOWE. The network has planned six different conferences over the period:

-  Month-3: Conference-1: the Kick-Off conference in Paris, where the researchers have better known the objectives of RECWOWE and where they have started the first stage of activity, the inventories of the documentation on the themes of RECWOWE.

-  Month-9: Conference-2: The state of the art conference in Warsaw. This conference will be based on a literature review organised within each strand and cross-strand activities, and on the presentation of some important on-going research programmes that will be incorporated into RECWOWE. Agenda meetings will also be organised then.

-  Month-21: Conference-3: The Annual RECWOWE Integration Week in Oslo. During this conference, reports on the progress of the work will be presented; Further steps toward integration will be made: the standardisation for data collection, workshops for the integration activities of on-going research and the first new joint research activities/programmes.

-  Month-33: Conference-4: Annual RECWOWE Integration Week in Utrecht The status of the RECWOWE activities, discussion with external parties: academic discussants, dialogue with interested actors (NGOs, industrial partners, policy community).

-  Month-45: Conference-5: Annual Integration Week in Nantes. This Conference was important because it was the moment of an acceleration in publication inspired by the direct involvement of the researches and PhD students in the activities of the network.

-  Month 57: Conference-6: The final conference, where our major contribution/products, publication will be presented. This will also show the structural changes of the network for the five-year period.


Dissemination objectives

The plenary conferences are classified within the activity of spreading excellence because they will help to diffuse information about all activities within and outside the network. Plenary conferences will be prepared in close coordination with the Publication, Dissemination and Dialogue Centre (PUDIACwowe)


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