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Annual RECWOWE Integration Week - Oslo

by Amélie Guisseau last modified 30-04-2009 11:50


Hotel Bristol


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The second Annual RECWOWE Integration Week will be held in Oslo, from Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th of June 2008 and will be co-arranged by the two norwegian institutes: SNF and NOVA.

The general topic of this second integration week will be 'Work in Progress'.




Papers presented

Oslo reimbursement form




The organisation of the “Oslo Conference” contains:

  • Tasks sessions
  • WPs meetings
  • Plenary sessions
  • Committees (Advisory, Governing and Executive)



These meetings have several objectives:

  • Discussing the ongoing activities of each WP
  • Presenting papers on the theme of each WP
  • Harmonising our way to analyse, mesure and compare key concepts such as the tensions or policies and reforms
  • Preparing the future activities and their link with the other WPs of RECWOWE


 A “Work in Progress” conference


After the Paris 'Kick off Conference' and the Warsaw 'State of the Art' Conference, this third conference will be our first 'Work in Progress Conference'.

We know each other, we know where the literature is and where the current research is, so now we can work and progress!

Many new tasks will have started by next June and the idea of the Oslo conference is to let the task leaders organise the necessary workshops that each task needs and see where the strands are.

Therefore the main aim of this conference will be to give to all of us as much time as possible for working together  at the task level, at the strand level or during some plenaries.

We wil also take the opportunity of being in Norway to discuss in a plenary session the capacity of the nordic model to confront the main tensions that are studied within RECWOWE.



The conference venue and accommodation will be provided by hotel Bristol, which is situated right in the city centre and 4 minutes walk from National Theatre Station (Airport express train, subway and other communication).



Kristian IV's gate 7
0164 Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 82 60 00
Fax: +47 22 82 60 01

You can have more information about Oslo here


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