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Warsaw Conference

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The annual conference of RECWOWE has been held in Warsaw, from 12th to 16th June 2007. The “Warsaw conference” has been dedicated to the presentation of the “State of the Art” in the field of the relationship between labour market developments and welfare regimes.



Conference programme and slides

Reimbursement form

List of the participants



The organisation of the “Warsaw Conference” contained:

  • WPs meetings
  • Plenary sessions
  • Committees (Advisory, Governing and Executive)



These meetings have several objectives:

  • Presentation and discussion of the state of the art on our topics, in both plenary and parallel sessions.
  • preparation of the reports of activities which will be made in July-September
  • preparation of the future activities (second ‘18-month period’) 


 A “state of the art” conference

In Warsaw, we have presented and discussed the state of the art of the literature, the mapping of the on-going research and the inventory of existing data sets. Based on these state of the art reports, inventories, mapping, we have been able to elaborate a sound programme for the next 18 months period. The current situation of the literature, research and data has been discussed at two levels: within strands (and some other WPs) and in plenary sessions. Within the various strands (and other WPs), the discussion there has been aimed at drawing from the assessment of the state of the art (assessing the lacks, the problems, etc.), what are the necessary new RECWOWE activities. Proposal of new activities should indeed be based on the assessment of the current situation of the literature, research and data. A second way is to present the main conclusion of the various strands/WPs state of the art reports, inventories will be to present their main conclusion in plenary sessions, so that each of the members of RECWOWE is aware of the situation of the research in our field. This has been done next to “plenary speakers” who have present their own view on the current situation in plenary sessions.



The conference venue and accommodation will be provided by hotel GROMADA situated 800m from the Airport

The situation of the Hotel you can easily find with very helpful Service: (you have to give the destination: Warsaw 17-Stycznia 32)

From the Airport you can get a taxi (incorporated: ex. MERC SAWA MPT etc) and the Hotel will cover the cost of the taxi (ca. 3-4 Euro). You can ask the taxi-driver to go to the Reception and be paid by Receptionist.

02-148 Warszawa
ul. 17 Stycznia 32
+48 (22) 576 46 00
fax. +48 (22) 846 15 80

Distances from the Central train stations to the Hotel Gromada ca. 10 km.  (you can get there by public transport bus no. 175 (single ticket 2,4 PLN = ca.  0,6 Euro, you can buy in each press-stand) or by taxi (ca. 20 PLN = ca. 5-6 Euro).
Public transport in Warsaw:

Conference Rooms

Hotel Gromada will deliver multimedia projector in each room and one overhead projector additionally for all rooms, a beamer in each room.

There will not be delivered any laptop.

There will be a person to help with technical staff.


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