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How to get heard? Fostering the dialogue with the policy community

by Amélie Guisseau last modified 16-04-2010 09:53

This page has been created to help researchers to 'get heard' from non-academic partners and to learn to gain visibility in non-academic actors.

In social sciences more than in other disciplines, researchers always contributed to public debate on the policies implemented by political actors. Today, the building of a European social policy contributes to increasing the analysis and comparison between different model or welfare regimes. more than ever, social scientists should adapt their scientific discourse to share their findings with non academic partners and to allow political actors and citizens to better apprehend the specificities and consequences of political choice.

RECWOWE is aimed at creating a permanent exchange between the research and the policy communities. RECWOWE is indeed an appropriate venue to develop an internal reflection on how to improve communication with the policy community.

The two main questions are:

  1. how can we reach non-academic partners?
  2. and how can we make our research appear useful?

You will find below some resources and initiatives that will help you to reach non-academic partners and to improve communication with the policy community.


The originality of this meeting format is to change the traditional perspective and to explore the national expression and translation of RECWOWE's tensions and fields of research, to have an on-going exchange of ideas with social actors and to present the work done within RECWOWE to various actors who participate in elaborating, negociating and implementing public policies in the field of labour market, employment and social protectionat the national, European and international levels.


The aim of the RECWOWE Community (RECOM) is to systematise the mapping of experts in the field. This by creating a database in 'work and welfare' (first) in the 17 countries represented by the RECWOWE partners (an then in all the EU countries), and thus to provide a map of the 'who's who' in the field of welfare and employment policies.


Handbooks, EU resources and best practices from the network about different communication's ways.


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