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Past events outside RECWOWE

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International symposium

Reforming Unemployment Policy in Europe: a Common Turn toward Activation?

May 15-16, 2009

University of Hamburg

Centre for Globalisation and Governance (CGG)

More information on the event here


 Social Polis International Conference : exchange of experience and knowledge


Social Polis International Conference

May 11-12, 2009 Vienna, Austria



Social Polis is holding an international conference on May 11-12, 2009 at the University of Economics in Vienna. The conference is one of the main events of Social Polis and its aim is to strengthen the platform by creating opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience and knowledge.


For the detailed information on the formats and topics that will be part of the conference, please see the preliminary programme.


One part of the conference will be an exhibition, which is open to the participants and the general public. It will provide the possibility to present different organisations, projects, cities and initiatives related to Social Polis.


If you are interested to become an exhibitor at the conference, please see the invitation for exhibitors.


Virtual Round Tables


You can participate in virtual round tables of the work global governance. They aim at preparing the symposium discussions which will be held the 27th and 28th of April 2009, on the theme: Humanize trade.


To participate in discussions you need to go on the website of GGT (CEIM) here 


A subscription is necessary, you can find information about it here


International Conference of GEMMA : "Care and Migration"


Care and Migration - International Conference
April, 23th 2009, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This conference take place in the framework of GEMMA (Gender and Migration).


In the past decades, Western Europe has witnessed an increase in women’s labour market participation. However, this has not basically led to a change in the conventional gendered division of labour in the family. We are facing a dramatic crisis of the reproductive sector. Pertinent questions are: Who takes care of the young and the old, disabled people and people who need care on a daily basis? Who shops, cooks and cleans? Who cares? The "market" is a provocative answer. It is largely irregular migrant women that are overtaking domestic and care work in Western, but also increasingly in Eastern European households. They are the main breadwinners, sending a large proportion of their income back home. This gave rise to a "global care chain" (Arlie Hochschild). This term captures the hierarchical outsourcing of care involving several tiers of women: Migrant domestics or female relatives in the global South at the bottom, international migrant domestic and care workers in the middle of the "chain", and their female employers in the North at the upper end.



International Conference : "Rescaling of Social Welfare Policies - A comparative study on the path towards multi-level governance in Europe"


This project is coordinated by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Vienna).

The aim of this project is to improve the information and knowledge base for assessing intended and unintended consequences of policies concerning multi-level governance (centralization/decentralization) in social welfare domains such as social assistance and local policies against poverty, employment policies, care for the elderly, and inclusion policies for migrants. The project is to describe different strategies and solutions in European countries which are facing similar challenges and could thus learn from each other.

After three years of research, they present their results at a conference in Lucerne (Switzerland), 13-14 November 2008, to a broader public, in particular by presenting the findings to experts in the field of social policy research, confronting the chosen approach with scholars, practitioners and policy-makers, and developing a dialogue about further perspectives of multi-level governance in Europe.

General information and registration forms are available on the following website:


The WORKS international Conference


The European Commission funded project WORKS (Work Organisation and Restructuring in the Knowledge Society) investigates the transformation of work under the combined effect of several major issues (globalisation and technological innovations, changes in organisational structures, work processes, skill requirements and occupational identities).

The WORKS consortium will organize an international Conference in Rome-Italy on the 8-9 october 2008 about the following issue:

     'Fragmentation? The future of work in Europe in a global economy'


Further information can be found on the WORKS official websites:





Social Europe and Globalisation


Is Social Europe Fit for Globalisation ?

A study on the social impact of globalisation in the European Union


Iain Begg, Juraj Draxler, Jørgen Mortensen

Centre for European Policy Studies


A report financed by and prepared for the use of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

                      Executive summary (12p, PDF)


                      Full report (200p, PDF)


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