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Public Debates at European level

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Public Debates at European level consist of a presentation of the ongoing research work and/or a dialogue with european policy, social and NGOs communities.


Public debate E9: Madrid, May 04-05 2010


"Improving dialogue on work and welfare reforms between researchers of RECWOWE network and those of European network of Trade Unions Research Institute".


In the framework of a conference organised by TURI (Trade Union-related Research Institute), Fundacion 1° de Mayo, Fundacion Fransico Largo Caballero on "The implications of the crisis for the labour market", the OSE organised a PUDIAC meeting on "Exchange of Research Agendas on the Crisis between the RECWOWE and the TURI networks. The meeting took place in madrid on May 4th 2010.



Public debate E8: Brussels, 11th March 2010


"Social Dialogue in times of crisis"


Presented by Waltraud Schelke - London School of Economics and Political Science, Jean de Munck - Catholic University of Louvain, Martin Keune - Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, University of Amsterdam and Lowell Turner - Cornell University




Public Debate E7: Brussels, 9th November 2009


Employer's recruitment decisions, labour market disadvantages and active labour market policies.

Presented by Prof. Giuliano Bonoli, Swiss Graduate School of Administration (IDHEAP) and Ides Nicaise, Higher Intitute for Labour Studies (HIVA), University of Leuven

Report :

  • Meeting report (PDF, 232K)



Public Debate E6: Brussels, 30th September 2009


The Gender Dimension of Job Quality

Presented by Prof. Colette Fagan, University of Manchester and Maria Jepsen, Head of research and director of the European Trade Union Institute

Report :



Public Debate E5 : Brussels, 23rd March 2009


Flexible today, secure tomorow? Labour markets, pensions reforms in a context of economic crisis

Presented by Prof. Karl Hinrichs, University of Bremen and Niels Ploug, The Danish Institute of Social Research


  • Slides Presentation Hinrichs/Jessoula/Ploug (PDF, 22K)
  • Slides Presentation Hinrichs (PDF, 233K)
  • Slides Presentation Ploug (PDF, 109K)

Report :



Public Debate E4 : Brussels, 28th February 2008


Flexicurity: Redifining the security of European citizens

Presented by Pascale Vielle, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Report :



Public Debate E3 - Research and Civil Society :  Brussels, October 26th 2007


Meeting for Establishment of Dialogue between Research and Civil Society Communities,

chaired by Bruno Palier (P02-FNSP) and Philippe Pochet (P11-OSE)




Public Debate E2 : Brussels, 3rd May 2007


Flexicurity: A New Paradigm for Labour Market and Employment Regulation?

Presented by Prof. dr. Ton Wilthagen, Tilburg University, Member of the European Expert Group on Flexicurity.

Document :

  • Slides Presentation Wilthagen (PDF, 220K)


Report :


Background document :

  • Flexicurity Pathways
    Interim Report Expert Group on Flexicurity, April 2007 (PDF)



Public Debate E1 : Brussels , 21st February 2007


The politics of reform in Bismarckian welfare systems:
a common trajectory ?

Presented by Bruno Palier, CEVIPOF, PARIS

This presentation compare the development of Bismarckian welfare systems during the last 25 years, showing the common patterns of reform in these countries which seem to be following parallel trends with respect to the timing, content and process of reforms.

Documents :

  • Paper, Bruno Palier, 20p. (PDF, 110Ko)
  • Slides Presentation Palier (PDF, 80K)


Report :


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