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Armingeon Klaus

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Schwalmernstr. 17, CH-3600 Thun


Recent and current positions:

1976-79: Student assistant (Hilfsassistent) Institute of Political Science, University of Tuebingen

1980-1982: Research assistant, University of Konstanz, Political Science (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lehmbruch)

1983-1987: Research assistant, University of Mannheim, Sociology (Prof. Dr. Peter Flora)

1984-1985: Guest lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter), University of Heidelberg, Sociology

1985-1986: Guest lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter), University of Tuebingen, Political Science

1987-1993: Assistant professor, University of Heidelberg, Political Science (Prof. Dr. Manfred G. Schmidt)

1993-  : Professor (1993-95: Extraordinarius; 1996- Ordinarius) in Political Science, University of Berne; Director of the Institute of Political Science

2002 - Fall term: Visiting professor,  Duke University, North Carolina, USA

2003: Visiting professor: Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria

2005-7: Editor Swiss Political Science Review



1975-1979: University of Tuebingen, M.A. in major subjects Political Science and East European History (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lehmbruch)

1978: Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection

1980-82: Ph.D. student, University of Konstanz; Ph.D on statutory  and voluntary (neo-corporatist) incomes policies in Western Europe (Supervisor: Prof. Gerhard Lehmbruch).

1993: Habilitation in political science, University of Heidelberg (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Manfred G. Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Klaus von Beyme)


Fields of research and interests (key words):

Comparative politics, industrial relations and welfare state policies.



Involvement in other recent or current research projects, current grants:

Referee/Expert for:

American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Comparative Politics, Commission of the European Union, European Sociological Review, European Journal of Political Research, Journal of Public Policy, Revue Suisse de Science Politique, West European Politics, Routledge and Kegan Paul a.o.

Councils and editorial boards

Zentrum für Umfragen und Methoden, Mannheim, Board, (2001-2007); Max-Planck Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, Köln, Scientific advisory board (2002-); Chair Swiss Political Science Association (1999-2002); Executive Council of the Swiss Political Science Association (1995 -2006); Executive Council of the European Community Studies Association (Switzerland), ECSA Suisse, (2001- ); Council for the Social Sciences, Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (2000-2002); Editorial Board European Journal of Political Research (2003-); Editorial Board Revue Suisse de Science Politique (1995-); Editorial Board German Politics (2006-); Editorial Board German Policy Studies (2004-); Advisory Board, Centre for Swiss Politics, Department of Politics & IR, University of Kent; Executive Committee, European Consortium for Political Research (2006-)


-         Les syndicats européens et la crise (co-applicant), funded by ECPR

-         Does Politics Matter (participation), funded by ECPR

-         Neo-corporatist policies in Western Europe (participation), funded by VW foundation

-         The Development of Trade Unions in Western Europe after World War II (co-applicant), funded by VW Foundation

-         The Political Regulation of Collective Labour Relations in Historical and Comparative Perspective (main applicant), funded by German Science Foundation

-         Globalisation and the room of manoeuvre of the nation state (main applicant, 1993), funded by Swiss National Science Foundation SNF

-         Research policy of the European Union (main applicant), funded by University Foundation (Hochschulstiftung) of the University of Bern

-         The Swiss Political System Compared to the Political Systems of Germany and Austria (main applicant), funded by SNF

-         Switzerland and the International Labour Organization (main applicant), funded by SNF framework of ‘International relations and Foreign Policy’

-         The Future of Working Life (main applicant), funded by SNF in the framework of ‘Demain la Suisse’.

-         Sociopolitical orientations of employees (main applicant), funded by SNF, framework of ‘Demain la Suisse’.

-         Social Integration and Political Participation (main applicant), funded by SNF

-         Critical Junctures. An international comparison (main applicant), funded by SNF

-         Europeanisation of the Welfare State (main applicant), funded the SNF

-         Societal conflicts and forms of governments in 28 Eastern countries (main applicant), funded by SNF

-         Switzerland and Japan compared. (The seminar from which this publication project originated was funded by the Swiss and the Japanese National Science Foundation, main applicants: Klaus Armingeon/Kenji Hirashima)

-         International Organizations and National Welfare states, funded by SNF and the EU COST-program

-         New Social Risks (conference and book project, with Giuliano Bonoli)

-         Beliefs in the welfare state, funded by SNF

-         Constitutionalizing trends (part of the National Centre of Competence in Research, International Trade Regulation: from Fragmentation to Coherence, funded by the SNF)


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