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Palier Bruno

by David Imbert last modified 23-04-2009 11:42

Bruno Palier

Address / contact:

Recent and current positions:

Political scientist.

Palier is CNRS researcher in Centre d'études de la vie politique française (CEVIPOF), Paris (France).

Fields of research and interests (key words):

His research interest is on welfare state reforms, from a French and a comparative perspective. He is currently working on specifying the characteristics of welfare changes in continental Europe, as opposed to both English-speaking countries and Nordic countries.


Some recent/important publications:

He has published: in 2004 La réforme des systèmes de santé, Paris, PUF, collection que sais-je ?, in 2003, La réforme des retraites, Paris PUF collection que sais-je?; in 2002 Gouverner la Sécurité sociale, paris, PUF.

In 2004, he has co-directed a special issue of Journal of European Social Policy on “ EU accession, europeanisation and social policy ” with Ana Guillen, (volume 14 number 3), and in 2003, a special issue of Global Social Policy on “globalisation/Europeanisation and social welfare” with Nick Manning, (volume 3 number 2).

He has co-edited with Rob S. Sykes and P.Prior a collective book Globalization and European welfare states: challenges and changes (London: Palgrave, 2001) and with Christine Daniel: La protection sociale en Europe, Le temps des réformes, 2001, Paris: La Documentation Française.

He has also written 'Reshaping The Social Policy Making Framework : France From The 1980's To 2000 ' published in 2001 in Taylor-Gooby (ed), Welfare states under pressure, London, Sage; and 'Beyond Retrenchment: four problems in current welfare state research and one suggestion how to overcome them' published in 2001 in Jochen Clasen (ed), What Future for Social Security? Debates and Reforms in National and Cross-National Perspective, The Hague: Kluwer Law International, pp. 93-106 and 'Defrosting' the French Welfare State, West European Politics, 2000, 23/2, pp.113-136.


Involvement in other recent or current research projects, current grants:

Palier was a member of the Management Committee of Cost A15, 'reforming the welfare systems in Europe' and was responsible for the Mire programme 'comparing social welfare systems in Europe'.



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