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Lewis Jane

by David Imbert last modified 23-04-2009 11:42

Lewis Jane

Recent and current positions:

Professor of Social Policy, LSE, 1990-1996 and 2004-;
Professor of Social Policy University of Oxford, 2000-2004
Professor of History University of Oxford, 1996-2000;


Some recent/important publications:


Should We Worry about Family Change?. The 2001 Joanne Goodman Lectures. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003

The End of Marriage? Individualism and Intimate Relations. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2001.

With Paul Bridgen, Elderly People and the Boundary between Health and Social Care 1946-1991: Whose Responsibility?, Nuffield Trust, 2000.

With Kath Kiernan and Hilary Land, Lone Mothers in Twentieth Century Britain, Oxford University Press, 1998.

with Howard Glennerster, Implementing the New Community Care, Open University Press, 1996.

The Voluntary Sector, the State and Social Work in Britain. The Charity Organisation Society/Family Welfare Association since 1869, Edward Elgar, 1995.


Edited Books:

Children, Changing Families and Welfare States, Edward Elgar, 2006

With R. Surender, Welfare State Change. Towards a Third Way?, Oxford, 2004.

With B. Hobson and B. Siim, Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics, Edward Elgar, 2002

Gender, Social Care and Welfare State Restructuring in Europe, Ashgate, 1998



With S. Sarre and J. Burton, ‘Dependence and Independence: Perceptions and management of Risk in respect of Children aged 12-16 in Families with Working Parents’. Community, Work and Family 10 (1): 75-93.

 ‘Care and Gender: have the arguments for recognising care work now been won?’ In C. Glendinning and P. Kemp (eds.) Cash and  Care (2006) Policy Press.

‘Employment and Care: the Policy Problem, Gender Equality and the Issue of Choice’. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (2006)  8 (2): 103-14

‘Perceptions of Risk in Intimate Relationships’. Journal of Social Policy  (2006)  35 (1): 39-57.

‘Work/family reconciliation, equal opportunities and social policies: the interpretation of policy trajectories at the EU level and the meaning of gender equality’. Journal of European Public Policy  (2006) 13 (3): 430-37.

‘Carework: are care accounts the answer?. In W. Paxton and S. White with D. Maxwell (eds.) The Citizen’s Stake. Bristol Policy Press 2005.

With A. Evers and B. Riedel ‘Developing Child-care Provision in England and Germany: Problems of Governance’. Journal of European Social Policy  2005, 15 (3): 195-210.

With Susanna Giullari ‘The Adult Worker Model Family, Gender Equality and Care: The Search for New Policy Principles and the Possibilities and Problems of a Capabilities Approach’. Economy and Society 2005, 34 (1): 76-104.

‘Developing Early Years Childcare in England, 1997-2002: the Choices for (Working) Mothers’. Social Policy and Administration 37 (3) 2003, pp. 219-37.

‘Gender and Welare State Change’ European Societies 4 (4) 2002: 331-357

‘The Decline of the Male Breadwinner Model: Implications for Work and Care’ Social Politics 8 (2) 2001



Involvement in other recent or current research projects, current grants:

ESRC grant for empirical research under the Risk Network, £200,000, 2003-8

ESRC grant for empirical research under the Gender and Inequality Network, £200,000, 2004-9

EC FP6 Coordinated Action Grant for research on the impacts of family change on children, 40,000 euros, 2004-7

EC FP6 Coordinated Action Grant for research on work/life balance, 50,000 euros, 2007-8

EC FP6 Network of Excellence grant (CINEFOGO), 40,000 euros, 2005-10

EC FP6 Network of Excellence grant (REWOWE), 30,000 euros, 2006-11



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