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International seminar

by David Imbert last modified 04-05-2009 08:52

International seminar program, 

First RECWOWE strand 03 meeting about the Tensions between Quality and Quantity of Jobs.

Oviedo, 27th and 28th April 2007.

Friday, 27th April 2007


09.00 Opening of the seminar

José Luis Álvarez Alonso (Director of the

Employment Service of the Principality of

Asturias), Javier Mato Díaz and Rodolfo

Gutiérrez Palacios, University of Oviedo, Spain)


09.30 Work/Family balance in context: Policy logics and trajectories

Jane Lewis, London School of Economics (United



10.15 Coffee Break


10.45 Quality of work – Concept and measurement

Svenn-Aage Dahl (Institute for Research in

Economics and Business Administration,



11.30 Quality of work and employment indicators in the framework of EU employment policies  

Ramón Peña Casas (Observatoire Social

Européen, Belgium)


12.15 Documentation on existing data on job quality.

Ingrid Esser and Tommy Ferrarini (University of

Stockholm – SOFI, Sweden)


13.00 Lunch


15.00 The gender gap in EU framework 


Dalila Ghailani (Observatoire Social Européen,



15.45 Earnings inequality and in-work poverty

Ana Marta Guillén Rodríguez. Rodolfo Gutiérrez

Palacios (University of Oviedo, Spain) and

Ramón Peña Casas (Observatoire Social

Européen, Belgium)


16.30 Coffee Break


17.00 Working life cycles and transitions in the labour market

Javier Mato Díaz and Begoña Cueto Iglesias

(University of Oviedo, Spain)


17.45 On the rise of the ‘New Public Service Transnationals’. Research Questions for RECWOWE

Judith Clifton (University of Oviedo, Spain)


18.30 Break – 21.00 Dinner /Restaurant



Saturday, 27th April 2007


09.30 Skills formation and lifelong learning in the European Union  

Javier Mato Díaz and Begoña Cueto Iglesias

(University of Oviedo, Spain)


10.15 Participation as a mean to improve quality at work. Employee involvement and social dialogue in the European Union. 

Holm-Detlev Köhler and Sergio González Begega

(University of Oviedo, Spain)


11.00 Coffee Break


11.30 Workers’ involvement at firm-level. Changing jobs in Europe for better or worse?

María González Menéndez (University of Oviedo)


12.15 The EU South Eastwards Enlargement and its impact on (trans)national industrial relations in the European Union.

Manfred Wannoeffel (University of Bochum)


13.00 Closing of the seminar.

Ana Marta Guillén Rodríguez and Svenn-Aage

Dahl (convenors of RECWOWE strand 3)


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